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    Seven Hills Apartment by João Campinas

    A Deluxe Estate in Lisbon's Luxury Address

    LUXXU partnered with Portuguese designer João Campinas for a brand-new project that conveys Portuguese roots in every corner. The Seven Hills apartment is located in the heart of Lisbon, a city best known for its enriching culture and honoring tradition. Style-wise, Campinas opted for an amalgamation of contemporary and classic details but sought inspiration from one of Portugal’s most astonishing features: nature. Throughout, one can marvel at diverse features representative of the strength and warmth of natural elements, especially concerning the choice of materials used for each division. The decor comprises a panoply of high-end designs by LUXXU and other brands like PullCast or Boca do Lobo to showcase the authenticity of Portuguese design.

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    Portuguese craftsmanship is one of the main characteristics of this entryway. Traditional elements complete the decor, but present a more modern take. A cream color scheme reigns this space, with wooden walls and marble flooring making quite a statement.

    On one side of the entryway, spot the outstanding Vertigo mirror that stands out due to its phenomenal round form and intricate details in brass. It complements the Algerone console, a resistant and timeless piece made of premium materials. 

    The hollow staircase is in marble and glass, and the metallic Magna wall lamps keep it company with their contemplative nature and precise geometry. This lighting fixture presents a brass frame and an alabaster center for soothing lighting.

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    The Kitchen follows the same color scheme as the entryway, highlighting a modern design aesthetic. Wooden cabinetry in lighter tones merges astoundingly with luxurious details, such as a marble counter and high-end designs. Three Galea Swivel bar chairs create the perfect nook for a sumptuous breakfast experience under the shining lights of the Liberty pendants.

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    Dining Room

    The dining room shares the same concept and space as the kitchen. It receives plenty of natural light, originating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Nature subtly becomes the inspiration, especially in the choice of materials, as wooden walls set the stage. Once again, luxury manifests in cream-neutral tones.

    The Algerone rectangular dining table serves as the centerpiece of this division. Statuario marble and captivating lines define its groundbreaking structure. Furthermore, the Galea II dining chairs become an opulent accomplice as they establish a strong connection between contemporary

    design and traditionality. Lighting this area is the Liberty slim snooker suspension, an enchanting piece with interconnected brass and crystal glass details.  

    When decorating the apartment, Campinas went beyond the conventional and added another haven of splendor. Here, the Darian sideboard makes its presence felt as a great representation of metalwork and wood carving. Additionally, the Glance Mirror by Boca do Lobo brings the best of contemporary allure to the room.

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    Living Room

    The living room of this stunning apartment is as grand as it comes. It features paneled walls in wood and exquisite high ceilings. Always attentive to details, the designer took advantage of the space’s height to use the fantastic Magna chandelier by LUXXU as a substantial lighting fixture. Moreover, natural elements are plentiful in the area, including a tree in the middle of the room, symbolizing growth and prosperity, and playing on the nature-like theme of the apartment.

    Flanking the architecturally-inspired Algerone bookcase are two elegant Draycott I wall lamps that create a harmonizing symmetry. At the center, the Otto family introduces an organic configuration to the decor. The curved velvet armchairs and sofa transcend the notion of comfortable luxury and become a testament to timeless elegance. The Algerone set center table takes marble galore to a whole new level but also mixes it up with other materials, like glass, brass, and leather, making it a highly versatile piece.

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    While modest in size, the bathroom showcases no shortage of luxury. Consistent with the apartment’s aesthetic, this space evidences marble galore like no other, putting a timeless print all over it. The Orbis rectangular mirror opposites yet matches its cosmopolitan vibe. It epitomizes golden glamour with its detailed frame made of brass spheres. Custom-made models of PullCast’s Quantum handles were also commissioned to add extra detail to this bathroom set.


    With calming shades of beige, grey, and white, this bedroom comprises unique features and details that set it apart, from the marble and wooden walls to the massive leather headboard, not to mention all the upscale furnishings and lighting fixtures by LUXXU. 

    The Algerone bed offers maximum comfort and style, mixing contemporary and architecture-inspired design with high-end materials. It is not the only chosen piece from the collection, as the Algerone ottoman makes a statement on its own, and the Algerone nightstand brings distinctive elegance to the overall decor with its geometric lines.

    When appreciating the aesthetics of this bedroom, the Magna pendants cannot go unnoticed. These lighting fixtures with dimensional nature create a unique atmosphere. With a gleaming brass frame and an alabaster ornament, Magna evokes a sense of rarity inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of the horizon. 

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    The final detail is the carefully crafted ceiling that presents a unique and unparalleled plasterwork, further emphasizing Campinas’ attention to craftsmanship and design that went into creating this extraordinary apartment.

    About the Designer

    João Campinas is a Portuguese interior designer that has a well-established career in the realm of luxury interior design. An exceptional talent in creating virtual environments, João is adept at crafting immersive spaces with an essence of Luxury and elegance. Still, his expertise also extends to providing valuable assistance in the remodeling and construction of apartments and houses. Not limited to interiors, João Campinas also demonstrates his skill in creating realistic images of exterior facades for real estate developments through his keen attention to detail and mastery of visual composition.

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    About LUXXU

    LUXXU’s empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless pieces and refined elegance. The brand’s philosophy embraces the utmost attention to detail. When a product has good craftsmanship, it has luxury. With this mentality, LUXXU’s meticulousness is encompassed in its art, pieces exhibited in the tradeshows, and the most notable homes and hotels in the world, with bold designs that make the difference with its distinctive lines. Every piece arises as a masterpiece of modern design to transform any project. We believe in tailoring every detail, so every aspect can be personalized, from the finishing and material to the size and shape - and with the finest materials from noble metals and premium woods to luxurious stones and high-end fabrics.

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